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Welcome to Macaroni Kid Fairfax-Burke-Oakton-Fairfax Station!  Macaroni Kid is a free website and weekly e-newsletter for local parents that dishes the scoop on the best activities for kids and families in the Fairfax area.  We list events that are free or inexpensive, as well as recipes, reviews, crafts, and parenting articles.  Macaroni Kid is a one stop, go-to resource for the latest and most comprehensive family-friendly events in the community.  We enjoy keeping you informed and we strive to provide you and your family with entertaining and fun options.
The Fairfax, Virginia area is rich with history that dates back to the 1700s. The City of Fairfax played a significant role in U.S. history and in the Civil War.  Today, Fairfax has something for everyone with its top rated schools, competitive salaries, economic vitality, and the large George Mason University campus.

Fairfax is a wonderful place to live and a fantastic area for families.  As the new Publisher Mom for Fairfax, I am thrilled and honored to join Macaroni Kid.  I am a military spouse, mother to a six year old, marketing coordinator, business owner, and volunteer.  I look forward to helping other families make the most of their precious time together.  Please contact me with any events, feedback, suggested articles, general information, or inquiries.  Also, feel free to refer family, friends, advertisers, or local businesses interested in participating in community giveaways.

Thank you for learning more about us and for your support!


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About Macaroni Kid

Macaroni Kid and its family of Publisher Moms are dedicated to delivering the scoop on all the family-friendly events and activities happening in their communities each week. Check out Macaroni Kid's list of communities and sign up to receive your free weekly newsletter.

It all started with two old friends sharing a good meal and a great bottle of wine. From that conversation, Macaroni Kid was born and we started publishing a weekly newsletter giving moms and dads the scoop on all the weekly events in their community. From there it's grown to hundreds of other communities across the Country.

We hope you enjoy it.

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